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Some time ago, somewhen in 2009,  a friend of mine and me had the idea to invite a couple of people and do presentations. About what we study, about what we do and pretty much whatever we come up with. Today we got together as a group of five and realised that idea.
The intention was to keep it familiar and give short talks to inform and improve, so we ended up doing it in a living room, with papers glued together in front of a window to project a screen on. The talks were between what feeled like seven and fifteen minutes, nobody looked at the time. We got an introduction to mechanical engineering, examples of presentations of foreigners in ancient cultures, explanation of neurotransmitters and some history of electronic music. It was awesome.
What I learned from this event:

  • start small. I though it’d be way better to have a crowd, but five people are just about right
  • get a beamer if you don’t have it. or a giant television. ask your university. totally worth it.
  • have a backup of your presentation. open office messed up my slideshow, had to improvise

thanks @madnebular for hosting it!


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February 19, 2010 at 11:47 pm

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